Avoid the Three T's

Subluxations are caused by the body being exposed to a stressor that it cannot over come. There are three main categories of stress that the body can be exposed to:

  • Thoughts:
    These are the emotional stressors that we all experience. Financial worries, death of a loved one (including family pets), deadlines, arguments with our spouse or significant other, job changes, negative thoughts, worry, and many others... Researchers studying the "mind-body connection" are finding that many types of complaints are related to poor emotional health. Stress builds up, muscles tighten, soft tissues are effected and subluxations are created. It isn't "all in your head"!
  • Traumas:
    These are the typical things associated with chiropractic: car accidents, falls, slips, etc. But, there are other forms of traumas not usually thought about such as the birth process...The use of forceps and other obstetrical interventions create subluxations. Learning to walk. Learning to ride a bike. Falling off the bed. Playing sports. Repetitive motions. Sitting for long periods (our bodies are designed to MOVE not sit around!) Improper lifting. This list of stressors could go on and on...
  • Toxins:
    These are the chemical stresses to the body that the body has to over come... Additives in food, chemical cleaners, hormonal changes, alcohol consumption, USE OF NUTRASWEET (if you don't know about this one please ask!), air pollution, medications of all sorts, drugs. Exposure to these substances causes the body to react. This involves the muscles and the nervous system in what is called the viscerosomatic response. Basically the viscera (guts) affects the soma (body)