Patient 1: 25 Years old trying to conceive for two years. Painful ovulations that would restrict her work as a nurse. Subluxations were found and adjusted . After one month of care patient reports possible pregnancy and total absence of pain of ovulation this month.

Family 1: Husband with history of back pain and stomach troubles, Wife with low back pain after three pregnancies. Oldest child (5 years old) history of ear infections and other infections. Second child (three years old) history of ear infections and fevers. 13 month old twins history of chronic ear infections and antibiotics since only several months old. Scheduled to have tubes put in ears. After one month of care husband's back pain reduced and heart burn is much improved. Mother noticing many improvements. All children off antibiotics and much improved. No ear surgery needed. Oldest child had come to the office during a regular office visit with a fever and after her adjustment went home to bed, slept for several hours and woke with fever gone and feeling fine. Oldest of the twins is now sleeping through the night.

Patient 2: 54 years old. Patient with low back pain. Was adjusted regularly and in aproximately two months informed me that his problems with impotence had greatly improved. He also was noticing a filling out of his legs as they were fitting tighter in his slacks.

Patient 3: 4 year old female with chronic asthma. Nerve interference was located in the third thoracic region of her upper back with association to the lungs. We adjusted her and on the table her breathing cleared up. Over a two month period we continued to adjust her and she ended up going almost two months without any breathing treatments or medications and was outside playing at night. Her Asthma has not been cured, but is well MANAGED by chiropractic adjustments.

Patient 4: 35 year old nurse who has noticed an increase in energy who can stay up at night after work. She is also noticing that she can go with less sleep and still feel rested.

Patient 5: 23 year old female who was having monthly yeast infections . Since the beginning of her care she has had only one infection and that was after a fender bender that knocked her out of adjustment!

Patient 6: 28 year old male patient with chronic allergies. Shortly after beginning his care all symptoms of allergies have cleared up and is off all medications. He is feeling great. Sinuses clear.

All of the patients above had one thing in common... They had subluxations that were preventing their bodies from working properly. These patients did not know they had subluxations because subluxations are usually painless and have no symptoms themselves. The subluxations were keeping them from being as healthy as could have been and should have been.

Health is natural. If you are not as healthy as you would like to be, have your spine checked for subluxations by a chiropractor today! If you are symptom free right now have your spine checked for subluxations to make sure you can maintain the best health possible. And above all-- If you know someone with a child or have children yourself, have their spines checked for subluxations. You could prevent a life time of sickness by keeping that child's nervous system free of the nerve interference caused by subluxations.

It is as simple as that!