1. How long in practice? (Gives experience)


  2. Do you enjoy children and babies? Do you have more of an adult patient base? (Gives their desire for children. All children should be under chiropractic care. Will they be welcome in the office?)


  3. What % of kids do you see? (Gives proficiency to question #2)


  4. Do you have a family wellness program for finances? (This is important for keeping care affordable.)


  5. What type of patient education do you use? Is it required? (It is important to know why a chiropractor does what he does---"Back Talk" systems is a good, ethical education series.)


  6. As the doctor, How often do you get adjusted? Your family? (Obviously, if the Doctor recommends less care for you than for his/her own family that isn't right. You should be treated like family.)


  7. Do you hold to the "straight" philosophy of chiropractic? (This is subluxation only care. Good quality care.)


  8. What is a subluxation? = nerve interference =cause of disease. (The office staff should know this!! If they don't, it is like having an employee not knowing what product the company sells.)


  9. What is your typical maintenance care visit schedule? (This applies to question #6)


  10. Do you give nutritional advice? If "YES" --Do you sell those products? (Can be a conflict of interest.)


  11. What techniques do you use? How common are they? (If this chiropractor dies/leaves/quits/vacations can you find another similar chiropractor close?)


  12. How long do you intend to practice chiropractic? (Shows their intent.) (Should be for life if they really enjoy chiropractic!!)


  13. How long is the typical office visit? (How long will you be in the office every time?)