In a previous issue of "Waves" (our printed newsletter) I had published a chart of the sugar ingested through soda. I had mentioned in that issue that diet drinks are not an option. This month I want to discuss why. We have to discuss Aspartame (ASP, Nutrasweet[TM], Equal[TM]). It is the stuff with the little red swirl.

"85% of all complaints to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerns aspartame's adverse reactions."

Dear friends, this stuff is bad and no one is saying anything about it! Let me explain:

This compound breaks down into other chemicals in our system:

  1. Phenlyalanine (50%) which can be neurotoxic and in some susceptible people will cause seizures.
  2. Aspartic acid (40%) which can cause brain damage in the developing brain.
  3. Methanol (10%) which turns into formaldehyde -embalming fluid- an obvious toxin and carcinogen.

Dr. Lendon Smith, MD states: "The mental symptoms that ASP can produce in a person is thought to be related to the increase in violence and suicides in our population. ASP causes a blockage of the formation of serotonin in the brain. Since trytophan has been taken off the market by the FDA, there are people who cannot make enough seratonin from their food, and they are more susceptible to insomnia, depression, and/or PMS. If these genetically deficient people are swallowing ASP, they will more readily have headaches, insomnia, depression, hostility, anxiety, and a host of other negative symptoms. No wonder the sales of the new drug, Prozac, have skyrocketed." ("The Facts", October 1991).

ASP is known to disturb thyroid function, in tests of ASP it was shown to cause "holes in the brains of mice", malignant brain tumors have increased since the 1983 licensing of ASP for beverages, Methanol when heated above 85 degrees in food, liquid or in the body is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream as WOOD ALCOHOL, (2 teaspoons is a lethal dose in humans.) Ever notice that warm diet soda has an unusual taste? Ever wonder why many diet sodas are on sale in the summer? Signs of methanol poisoning are:

  • Lethargy, confusion, leg cramps, back pain, severe headaches, abdominal pain, impaired visual loss, articulation, fainting, labored breathing

This product is bad and it is serious. This additive is now known to have caused five reported deaths and at least 70 different symptoms.

Now that I have learned the truth about this stuff I will not consume it and I asked my wife to stop consuming it before she would get pregnant. I am thankful she won't knowingly consume it at all now.

This stuff is so firmly embedded in our society that it will probably never be recalled. We can, however, protect ourselves and our loved ones by knowing about the hazards and telling others about it. If you know any one with the following symptoms have them quit consuming ASP immediately:

  • Headaches, Vertigo, Tinnitus, Numbness of Extremeties, Blindness/Eye Problems, Slurred Speech, Mood Changes, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Seizures, Muscle Cramps, Fatigue, Mild to Suicidal Depression, Menstrual Irregularities, Edema

    Nausea, Hearing Loss, Insomnia, Blurred Vision, Memory Loss, Personality Changes, Anxiety Attacks, Hyperactivity, Skin Lesions, Joint Pain, PMS, Chest Pains, Arrhythmia, Increased Appetite

For a free packet of more information on the product please call or write the office. I will be glad to send you more information. This includes a portion of the references to show the deliberate deceit and cover-up to get this product through the FDA.

Please also contact:
Asparatame Consumer Safety Network
PO Box 780634, Dallas TX 75378