In an effort to make sure we are "speaking the same language" I have developed this page of common chiropractic terminology that would be helpful for you to understand. You will hear these words and see these words in the office frequently. They are important to your care.

Straight Chiropractic:
This is a particular philosophy within chiropractic that emphasizes the fact that every human being, regardless of age, will function better without subluxations regardless of disease or pain. We know that given the chance, without interference, the human body wants to be healthy and heal itself. We only adjust subluxations. I am a straight chiropractor.

When one or more of the vertebra of your spine has lost its normal alignment creating nerve interference. This leads to dis-ease in your body and can lead to symptoms. Chiro's are the only professionals trained in the detection and correction of subluxations.

Technically (Vertebral Subluxation): The loss of normal position of a vertebra (spinal bone) in the spine, causing nerve system interference between brain and body, and as a result, interference to normal body function, leading to loss of health.

By the way, most subluxations don't have symptoms, so don't think you'll know if you have one. Only regular chiropractic spinal check-ups can determine that. Most major diseases today result from YEARS of body malfunction. How long does the average home have termites before the floor collapses? (Days or Years?)

Dis-ease: (hyphenated)
Anytime your body is working with less than 100% nerve supply the natural balance of your body is off. It is in a state of dis-ease. Dis-ease left long enough will lead to disease.

Innate intelligence:
The inborn wisdom of your body. Innate intelligence is what guides your body in the miraculous, daily processes that are taken for granted. Innate is carried throughout the nervous system to the entire body. Innate is what allows two cells to become a human child and controls every function after that! Chiropractors want the innate intelligence of your body to be expressed at its fullest.

Specific Adjustment:
This is the application of a force in the right direction, at the right place, at the right time to help the body correct subluxations. It is not just "cracking the back", it is working with the body to heal itself. It is not a random "mobilization" and hope the right thing moves. The adjustment has to be SPECIFIC!

A listing is the vertebra and direction it is subluxated. On your travel card the shorthand "listings" are written. It is what I adjust.

Pinched nerve:
A phrase you will NOT hear in this office. A bone sitting on a nerve happens very rarely. If it does you are possibly paralyzed, in a great deal of pain and probably scheduled for surgery. The pain that FEELS like a pinched nerve is simply pain...Your body's warning system telling you about nerve interference that has become severe.

Dorlan's medical dictionary defines health as..."The optimum mental, physical and social well being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity." WOW! So why do we think that if we don't have symptoms we are well?!!!

"Power on":
Life is electrical impulses sent from the brain to the body. It is the POWER for the body to function. When we adjust you, we are literally letting the power get from the brain to the body without interference. We are turning the power on! That is how life happens.

Getting "checked":
In this office I do not get paid to crack backs..I get paid to find out if you have a subluxation or not. If you do, THEN we adjust you. A person comes for chiropractic care to get CHECKED for subluxations. That doesn't mean you will be ADJUSTED every time you come in. If you are clear of subluxations I will kick you out and check you the next time!! :-) keep smiling...Dr. Ross