I know everyone who goes into a doctor's office wants to "get better" and experience their own concept of health. This is probably the reason you originally came to this office. It is important, however, for you to understand what "being better" means.

Contrary to what you probably think, it is not being free of symptoms or even having less symptoms, however desirable that may be.

You see, the problem that your chiropractor is addressing, which is a body not working properly due to nerve interference in the vertebral column, may not even be related to the symptoms you are experiencing. Even if it is, the misalignments of the vertebrae in the spine, which we call vertebral subluxations, likely occurred long before any symptoms began. Therefore, disappearance of your symptoms is not necessarily related to the progress the chiropractor is making in getting your spine to maintain its proper position, allowing the nervous system to function closer to its fullest potential. Symptoms may remain after they have been corrected and the spine has been maintained in the proper position for a relatively long period of time. On the other hand, symptoms may disappear long before the vertebrae are maintaining their proper position for any appreciable length of time. Symptoms change from day to day for many reasons. They are simply not a good indicator to your chiropractor as to what progress he or she is making in the chiropractic contribution to restoring your health.

Contrary to what you probably think, getting better is not being free of symptoms or even having less symptoms.

Then how can you know when you are better? First, your chiropractor can tell if you are better from a chiropractic standpoint. If you are "holding" your adjustment for longer periods of time and/or not as many vertebrae are subluxated, then you are making progress and you are better than when you first came under chiropractic care. The specific chiropractic examination is the only means by which that can be determined.

There is an aspect of being better, however, that can be determined by the patient. When a chiropractic adjustment has been given, the individual's body has an improved nerve supply. This means that the innate intelligence, which is the inborn wisdom of the body, is being expressed a little more fully. Your ability to reach more of your potential in all aspects of life has been increased. This understanding is gained by simple logic, that is, a body without nerve interference, in whatever state it is in, functions better than a body with nerve interference. Even if it is only for a short time (a day or even just a few hours), a body working closer to a perfect expression of what it should be can accomplish more in all areas of life and health.

When you have been adjusted, you are better, not necessarily because you feel better or because your symptoms are lessened, but because the principle of life is being expressed more freely through you. Anyone and everyone is better when that takes place.