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Our goal at THE POWER COMPANY: To honor God through helping His creation, of all ages, express their life and health to its fullest potential.


I am an Arizona native born in 1967. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in October of 1991 and started into private practice January of 1992. My passion from the time I graduated has been pediatric and pregnancy care. Currently, my practice is over 40% children.

I will work with all ages, but find particular success when I can help a family grow up from the beginning as healthy and drug-free as possible. Checking newborns for life-robbing subluxations is one of my greatest joys. In pursuing this passion, I have well over 200 hours of continuing education in the area of pediatric and pregnancy care, and have lectured for the International Chiropractic Association's International Conference on Pediatrics and Chiropractic. I am a professional member of both the ICA Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics, as well as the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

I have also developed a technique for evaluating and working on the Psoas muscle. I have produced a training video for helping professionals around the world be more effective in helping working on this incredibly important muscle. There is a public version stretching video that is also being sold around the world.

No matter what the problem or lack of symptom, I consider it a true honor and answer to prayer when someone seeks my help in living a healthier, more power-filled life.

The Mission of The Power Company is: "To honor God through helping His creation, of all ages, express their life and health to its fullest potential."

On a personal note:
I have been married since 1992 to my beautiful wife, Gina. We are active at our church, Mission Community Church in Gilbert, Arizona. Together, we have three great kids. All our kids were born at home with the assistance of a midwife.

What I do for fun:
I snow ski, and have done so for more than 35 years. I enjoy indoor rock climbing, fishing, mountain bike riding, and would love to golf a lot more. Spending time with my family, though, is truly my favorite way to pass time.

I love chiropractic and find what I do to be as much a hobby as it is a profession. Chiropractic is very simple, yet very deep and profound. I find my overall approach to health and wellness to be fairly simple as well. If you are interested in taking your life and health to a higher level, I would be honored to be the person to assist you on that journey!

Have a great day and keep smiling!
Dr. Ross