Many people never consider how spiritual factors affect physical health. They are intimately connected! I will go so far as to say that unless you are spiritually grounded you will never be fully healthy.

The need for spirituality exists world-side. It gives an anchor. A set of guidelines, tenants if you will, to govern thoughts and actions. When a person is on track with their spiritual goals and teachings, life seems to be more effortless. However, when the spirituality is neglected, life becomes much more of a battle.

How you pursue this avenue will have to be up to you. You will have to weigh thoughts, ideas, tenets, and practices for yourself and get plugged into what is right. If you have a spiritual direction we can only encourage you to get involved and get consistent.

An Idea bigger than yourself is a rock that gives stability in times of storms. It also will give you other people, who believe as you, for support and encouragement. You do not have to go through life as an island. That should give great comfort.

With KST we can help to find any disconnects and adjust for any findings or give a direction to get the information you need.


I am always willing to share my spiritual roots.  Just ask.