The most wondrous structure of the human body is the brain. It, followed by the neural tube are the first things to grow on a developing fetus at 2 1/2 weeks post conception. It is amazing that no none understands the mechanisms that allows at some point, the brain to go “online” and start producing electrical power that is LIFE for the body.

This life production does not end until the day you die... That is the definition of death... The brain stops producing electrical activity.

It is this power that animates us and separates us from a corpse. A dead person has a brain and nerves but it doesn't have life. That is what makes you so special... You have that life in you, too!

All of the cells of the body rely on that life and power from the brain to do their daily work. Your brain sends this electrical/biochemical information to our body through the nervous system. Then, through a feed-back loop the body receives information for how it is doing, what it needs and where it is positioned in space and sends the information back to the brain.

This process is required for your body to do everything it needs to do and has to work without interference for the body to be at the very best.

What does this mean to you?

For your body to be the very best this power/information/life need to be at peak capacity. It is vital for your body.

There are several factors that can effect the body’s ability to do this: Physical-Chemical-or Emotional.

The more you can do to reduce the damage or interference to the process, the better chance you have for best performance.