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The most simple explanation of this is the building of a building. For a strong structure, the building materials must be excellent. If you provide the construction crew shoddy materials don’t be surprised when you have a poor quality home.

Our bodies are no different. Every day of our lives the internal construction crew is building us. They build from the materials provided. Simply, if you are putting in poor quality materials for the body to use, DO NOT complain or be surprised when the structure of your body is poor.

Nutrition is vital... Some people use it for treating disease, some use it to prevent disease, and some use it to get the best performance from their body. One way or the other you need to look at what you are doing and make choices to change your life. It does matter!

There is a rapidly growing body of research evidence that shows that phytonutrients are very beneficial. The best way to get phytonutrients is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, but in our stressful, nonstop world even this sometimes is not enough.

Enter JuicePlus+, a phytonutrient supplement.

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In addition, take a look at this recently released research study (abstract, full text) showing the benefits of JuicePlus+ during pregnancy!